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We’re in the last week of January 2016. Statistically speaking, most of us that are going to give up our New Years resolutions have already caved. Dry January is a fabled thing of the long lost past, gym gear sits idly next to the already dog-eared Friends boxset and that decaf coffee has gone straight out the window.

BUT FEAR NOT. The year is yet young, and thanks to the wondrous thing that is the internet, there are hundreds of thousands of online courses that will help you learn anything from cooking to cleaning, crocheting to cricket. I’ve rounded up the 7 most useful (and probably most feasible) sites. Let us mount this fresh attack together dear friends! Or just favourite and forget, whatever works.

shia dreams


Learn a Language

Duolingo has taken the world by storm with its commute friendly, game themed bite-sized linguistic chunks. If you’ve always wanted to brush up on that GCSE French or want to know more than just pasta names in Italian, your new favourite talking green bird mascot thing has your back. Mamma mia.

Learn to Code

Without going into it too much there are more than a few different languages to consider when learning to code. For absolute beginners Codecademy is a popular choice for its user-friendly layout and idiot-proof instructions. The world is a digital place and it’s only getting bigger, jump on the train before it’s too full. Find Codecademy here.

Learn Something at Harvard

From Politics to Space, the extensive free online library of courses from Harvard University across the pond is chock full of high calibre, university standard material that is just begging you to learn something. With alumni including Bill Gate, Matt Damon and Natalie Portman you will be part of a refined elite. Find one that suits you here.

matt damon

Learn to Read Faster

Want to get through your current Tolstoy epic faster? Or read the entire Game of Thrones series (so far) before the next season comes out on HBO? Then Spreeder is what you’re looking for. With a smidgen of effort you’ll be reading at double speed in no time.

Learn to Play the Guitar

To date Justin Guitar has 919 free guitar lessons on his site. What started as a mission to give the 6-string basics to the world has turned into a fully fledged virtual teacher. Pick up that acoustic from the corner of your room, dust it off and crack those knuckles. Greatness awaits.

Learn to Not Suck at Photoshop

The aptly titled You Suck at Photoshop series is a Webby Award winning series (whatever that means, it sounds important) that will take you from technophobe to digital artist in no time. Update that Adobe subscription and get cracking with the help of some people from the internet.

Learn to Clean (In Emergencies and In Life)

The NSFW Unf$#k Your Habitat series has both emergency strategies for a last minute visit from the parents and checklists that will aid even the most reluctant of cleaners keep up appearances. Really check it out, somehow the swearing makes it seem more like your cool fairy godmother and less like a pocket money chore from your childhood.

Skeleton Cleaning

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