Photography Spotlight: Brock Elbank

London-based photographer Brock Elbank has been making waves recently because of a beautiful series he’s currently producing called Freckles. The photographs focus on the often unspoken artistry of freckles, looking at them as a defining feature. The raw portraits showcase a different approach to elegance and are simply stunning. Without wanting to gush for another 1000 words (which I easily could do), I’ve chosen 15 of my favourite shots from the series below. All photographs are by Brock Elbank and are taken from his website which can be found here.

freckles1 freckles2 freckles3 freckles4 freckles5 freckles7 freckles8 freckles9 frecklesx3

freckles14 freckles12 freckles11 freckles10


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