Featured Track | Civil Engineer by Astronauts

One-man rocket launcher Dan Carney has been producing music as Astronauts for three years, and is finally gaining some much deserved traction with his latest release Civil Engineer.

Tapping into a rarely non-cliched fusion of indie-electronica and acoustic folk, the track has been gratefully received by an audience cultivated from the release of his debut album in July 2014, and is as entrancing as it is thought provoking. It’s one of those songs you find yourself lost in. While upon closer inspection the lyrics are a worthy adversary for the smooth repetition of the music, the words themselves blend into the song with finesse. They are almost more of a calming thread in a bigger tapestry, with a soft vocal used more as another instrument than a focal point.

With the finer elements of Fink and a touch of Bonobo thrown in for good measure, the soulful, driven folk is delivered with grace and could as easily be carried by a full symphony orchestra as a solo performance in the back corner of a Camden pub.

Many tracks are initially over-ambitious. A constant influx into a saturated market can’t make for a blasé approach to exposing your musical nakedness online. All too often songs will fall into oblivion, deemed not worthy by the masses. Astronauts’ Civil Engineer should be no such track: it deserves your attention.

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