Featured Track | Devil In My Eyes by Goodbye Brighton

Goodbye Brighton release their debut Devil In My Eyes with a warmth that smacks you right between the eyes.

While officially labelled ‘Alternative Soul’, the emotional range displayed in London four piece Goodbye Brighton’s first release doesn’t fit squarely in this box. There is the undeniable sentiment of soul, yes, but with cool blues tones and a certain funk that acts as the driving force of the track. Deliciously held back, the track teases at a heavier beat but never quite breaks through, always challenging us to ask for more. Perhaps this is one of the rare cases where alternative really is the most manageable way of describing the mood, and not used simply for want of a better word, as it so often is.

A watertight rhythm section brings that melt-in-your-mouth John Mayer essence that no one seems to be able to put their finger on, giving it a rough personal feel. Already firm favourites of the close-knit Sofar Sounds experience, they have taken the intimacy of these living room shows and translated it into music that can speak to a thousand people with an individual whisper. Vocalist Mia Linnett has a true storytelling quality, and a summery, bluesy guitar riff stands to attention behind the glassy purity of her voice.

With longstanding songwriting duo Linnett & Price at the backbone of the group, it’s clear each corner of the song has been carefully carved away to get to the polished feel presented in their suave music video, but they still manage to have that just-rolled-out-of-bed imperfect freshness that is sure to snowball them out of obscurity. Catch them this Friday at The Underbelly in Hoxton.

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