Welcome To The Watched Pot

We’re back!

Much like Voldemort, we were never really gone, just biding our time in the shadows, cultivating a master plan to take over the world…
On a less sinister note, yippee for having a new look. We’ve been lucky enough to work with superstar designer Ellie Edkins on the fresh look – check out our Facebook and Twitter pages as well to see the full extent of her wizardry.
To continue on the magic theme that I seem to have unwittingly adopted, London has well and truly cast a spell over all its residents. Lucky enough to be among them, every day I count my blessings that I live in a Boris led city (at least for the time being) that has buckets of culture, music and foodie favourites, as well as hosting the fifth largest amount of green spaces of any city in the world and a river that winds from the Royal Botanic Gardens to the Isle of Dogs and beyond.
We’ll be introducing The Watched Pot team to you over the coming weeks, but for now have a browse around the site, and check out the hand-crafted content we will be bringing from our heads to your screens every day. Enjoy a slice of London-soaked sunshine while it lasts, and follow us on all the fancy social medias.
Thanks for listening, and speak soon.

Octavia Bromell

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