Old School Easter Treats

With Good Friday nearly upon us, the time to whip up some tasty Easter treats is definitely at hand. Luckily for you, from classic nests to cheesecake eggs we’ve got your back with this roundup of classic seasonal food. And if some of them aren’t familiar to you – give them a go. You may be surprised just how festive you feel.

1. Chocolate Cornflake Nests
No self-respecting Easter lover can get through the sunny season without enjoying a couple of these absolute classics. They are the Pride and Prejudice of Easter treats, and our lives would be sadder (and less chocolatey) without them.
Recipe: goodtoknow.co.uk
Easter Treats

2. Malteaster Bunny & Egg Cake
This beautiful cake would make a smashing centrepiece for any display of Easter treats, but don’t expect it to stick around for long!
Recipe: mummymishaps.co.uk
Easter Treats Malteaster Cake

3. Pretzel Chocolate Easter Bark
I’ve always thought that the idea of ‘bark’ as food was a distinctly American thing – yummy mummies packing kids off to school with something they just whipped up in between lunch with friends and tennis at the club – however after trying this myself I am a complete and utter convert. Plus IT LOOKS SO PRETTY.
Recipe: fivehearthome.com
Easter Treats Chocolate Bark

4. Rice Crispy Carrots
Rice crispy cakes were one of the first things I learnt to cook, and while this recipe uses ready made bars it’s so easy to whip up your own – but these are just so perfect!
Recipe: frugalcouponliving.com/easy-easter
Easter Treats Rice Crispy Carrots

5. Sheep Cupcakes
More easter than spring, having come across this epic recipe I just couldn’t not include these teeny weeny marshmallow sheep. Just fab.
Recipe: wineandglue.com
Easter Treats Sheep Cupcakes

6. Cheesecake chocolate eggs
These are the real deal. Surprisingly easy to make, they look like a proper egg (which a chocolate shell obviously). The gooey centre is awesome as well. Perfect for people that aren’t fans of Cadbury’s creme eggs!
Recipe: raspberricupcakes.com
Easter Treats Chocolate Egg

7. Pancake Bunny Bum
Yes, essentially this may be but a mere stack of pancakes to some, but who really does this in their everyday crepe making? Really easy and totally awesome.
Recipe: thislittlepigstayedhome.com
Easter Treats Bunny Pancakes

8. Fruit ‘Pizza’
While we slightly resent the implication that this is in any way related to pizza, it’s nonetheless a beautiful and tasty way of working some fruit into what can turn into a week-long choc fest.
Recipe: persnicketyplates.com
Easter Treats Fruit Pizza

9. Chocolate covered strawberries
Ah, chocolate covered strawberries. The most majestic form of fruit eating. These pastel coloured offerings are the perfect final addition to your easter table, and will get more than a couple complements, trust us!
Recipe: joyfulhealthyeats.com
Easter Treats Chocolate Covered Strawberries


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