Thom Yorke Joins Mark Pritchard For ‘Beautiful People’

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke has teamed up with electronic recluse Mark Prichard for his newest track Beautiful People.
The song is an intricately repetitive masterpiece, with twisting time signatures, humble melodies and Yorke’s own brand of sombre electronica. Fitting perfectly in line with the London Grammars and Lapsleys that are currently shaping the industry, it’s a work of art that delicately toes the line between innovation and nostalgia.
Released ahead of Pritchard’s upcoming album Under The Sun, out in May, we’re both wondering if and hoping that a new Radiohead LP might be on the way as they recently announced their first US shows in four years.
Filling up a neat 6 minutes, it’s no snappy electronic wonder. Instead, expect a cool, productive, Sunday evening track to clear your head and ponder life!

Listen to the track below, and find more on Mark Pritchard here & Thom Yorke here.

Under the Sun Track List
1. “?”
2. “Give It Your Choir” (feat. Bibio)
3. “Infrared”
4. “Falling”
5. “Beautiful People” (feat. Thom Yorke)
6. “Where Do They Go, The Butterflies”
7. “Sad Alron”
8. “You Wash My Soul” (feat. Linda Perhacs)
9. “Cycles Of 9”
10. “Hi Red”
11. “Ems”
12. “The Blinds Cage” (feat. Beans)
13. “Dawn Of The North”
14. “Khufu”
15. “Rebel Angels”
16. “Under The Sun”

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