The Best Additions to UK Netflix This April

Ah, April. Such a bittersweet month in the land of perpetual TV streaming. As we bid farewell to such greats as Homeward Bound, About Time and Teeth (ahem), the Netflix Gods have blessed us with a brand new offering of visual delights to enchant us, entertain us, and occasionally scare the crap out of us…

Absolutely Fabulous – Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders’ epic sitcom finally sees the light of day! With any luck this rejuvenation will remind everyone just how awesome it was the first time around.
Codegirl – Gender equality seeking documentary looks into a worldwide competition aimed at getting girls into coding.
Crafting a Nation – Follow the craft beer uprising of the noughties that will surely be remembered as the greatest rebellion of all time (probably).
Criminal Law – Kevin Bacon and Gary Oldman play accused and lawyer in a murder case with more twists that a super straw.
Defiance – Daniel Craig stars in the incredible true-life story of how four brothers protected over 1000 Jewish refugees in WWII. With Liev Schreiber and Jamie Bell.
Die Hard – Bruce Willis’ LEGENDARY John McClane is finally coming to Netflix, with the first instalment in the action series offering up cool action nostalgia on a blood-stained platter.
Frozen – You can almost hear the screaming from here, a unique blend of children’s joy and parent’s despair as the only friendly ice queen to ever grace our screens is finally Let Go online. That pun was admittedly awful but we just couldn’t resist. Apologies.
Looper – Another Bruce Willis action thriller, this time with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and time travel in tow. Yippee!
The Man In The Iron Mask – This star studded swashbuckler sees Leonardo DiCaprio, Hugh Laurie, Jeremy Irons, John Malkovich and Gerard Depardieu team up in an attempt to swap the dastardly king of France with his mellow twin brother. If only life were always that simple!
The Woman in Black – Daniel Radcliffe’s Potter-busting horror is reaaaally freaky. Or at least we thought it was. It’s one of those films where every time you watch it you spot her in the background more and more, blending into the surroundings. Gets us every time.

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