The Michel-in Star

If, like us you turned on the television a few Saturday mornings ago and immediately flipped over to Saturday Kitchen, you would have no doubt jumped out of your seat to see none other than Michel Roux Jr himself. That’s right, the French legend has swapped his clean crisp apron for the cue cards of Saturday morning TV.

Admittedly nervous, Michel was of course charming and funny and even managed to cook up a delicious dish of prawn toast with chicory as he casually chatted with actress Angela Griffin. Viewers took to Twitter to praise the Kent-born chef citing he was ‘perhaps the perfect replacement,’ and we couldn’t agree more!

Michel comes from a line of culinary masters who are known for teaching the world about good food. Just a stone’s throw away from London’s Marble Arch station in the heart of Mayfair, you’ll find a red bricked building tucked behind beautifully floral gates. If you didn’t know any better and blinked, you’d miss the classic French typography of the words Le Gavroche over the door. This two Michelin starred restaurant is named after the street urchin in Les Miserables, and behind these doors lies London’s most sought after food of Roux legacy.

The interior is cosy, the staff second to none and the food divine. The cuisine is based on French classics with contemporary twists such as the Stone Bass and Pastilla, scented with Arabian spices fennel, red rice and meat jus. The amalgamation of colours, textures and tastes of this dish is certainly a fine-dining dream we wouldn’t know whether to eat or frame!

The restaurant itself was opened by his father Albert and Uncle Michel and became the first three Michelin starred restaurant in the UK. With such a strong linage, Michel sees no reason not to continue the trade as his daughter Emily recently joined him in the kitchen of Le Gavroche. The 24 year old is sweet, fresh-faced and certainly knows her stuff and looks set to take over the family business with style. With restaurants, cook books, and television appearances this culinary empire doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. As for Michel Roux Jr, just like wine, he seems to only improve with age.

Words by Azmina Sohail

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