About Us

What we want primarily is interest. You might have something important to say, or you might want to tell people about something insignificant that fascinates you. You might be the first person to think it, or it might have been done to death but there is something you want to add. We don’t mind as long as it comes from the heart. There might be something that worries you and has to be said, or something that makes the world colourful and you want to describe it. 

Student journalism can feel a bit futile sometimes, and you might feel pressure to pretend to be an authority or have something ground-breaking to say in order to be published – we don’t want to push you into being a journalist, we just want to hear what you want to talk about. This could be an article, a poem, a short story – anything you can think of. Asides from written contributions, we want paintings, illustrations, photography etc. What we really want is a collection of oddities, and the more variety the better so please don’t hesitate to send us your submissions.