I want to own things!!!

I want to own things!!! Spotify will die and analogue music will stand in its ashes and chuckle, before the machine eats the tape. The local mixtape is a fine art and I will not stand by and watch it fall, if it means spending five billion pounds on making one and giving it away for free to people without cassette tape players. I want to listen to Bad Music and I want it to sort me right out. The analogue loophole is your best friend- steal it from youtube and put it on a CD more scratched than a surface in a metaphor. Go and hear it in the flesh, sans crackle, and move your stupid arms in stupid ways. Surely, you’ll think, this is the best it gets. You’ll be dead right. You’ll be deaf. Make another CD and give it to your friend. It’s cost you 8 pounds so far, 7 for the ticket. Find it on BBC Radio 6 Music, or find it somewhere cool. Zero Hours on Spotify Wrapped, if all goes well. Mess, sure, time, certainly, love, irrevocably.

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